Founded in 1979, Printcare has evolved into one of South Asia’s most respected printing, packaging and pre-media solutions providers. We have one of the most technologically advanced plants in Asia with customers in five continents. We work across a broad spectrum of industries, including Tea, Telecommunications, Apparel, FMCG, Print and Digital Media, Education and Lottery among others.

Partnerships are fundamental to the way in which we run our business. They help to build trust among our key stakeholders and to reach a better understanding on a variety of important issues and help pave the way for more successful solutions to problems, concerns and challenges. We consider our customers as active partners in our quest for perfection. At Printcare, perfection is a state of mind and being which we constantly strive to achieve through careful attention to the most minute of details.

We collaborate with our various stakeholders to develop innovative products and services that meet our customer’s quality needs, and identify ways to produce the item or deliver the service in a cost effective and sustainable manner. We find that challenges always tend to have a way of looking smaller when tackled in partnerships.

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