Our Community


Printcare is proud of its sustainable contributions to the economic and social development of the locations in which we operate. Our company and our employees are committed to working positively within these communities. Over the years Printcare has engaged in various projects that have benefited the surrounding communities. These have ranged from one off projects such as donations of funds for specific projects to more long term involvement such as the facilitation of learning centers in local schools and community centers at temples, and scholarship programs.

Forming constructive and meaningful community engagement initiatives are vital for us, and the benefits are reciprocal. By being caring, ethical and fair through the community involvement projects, Printcare, while actively seeking opportunities to improve the quality of life in our communities is able to also attract and employ the best local talent to join the company.

Our approach to social responsibility is defined by our community engagement process, our ongoing dialogue with the key representatives of our community help us understand and react to what truly affects them.

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