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Printcare is committed to operating in a way that protects the environment. Our goal is to achieve excellent environmental performance in each of our production locations and to operate responsibly by implementing scientifically sound practical solutions that consider the needs of the environment in which we operate.

Our commitment to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner is anchored in our environmental policy. Our policy emphasizes individual responsibility; fosters appropriate operating practices; and requires our facilities to be designed, operated, and managed with the goal of preventing harmful incidents, controlling emissions, reducing contamination and minimizing waste. Not only is this our central commitment to environmental responsibility, but pursuing this initiative year after year will us reduce operating costs, improve safety, and most importantly reduce our impact to the environment while continually evaluating and improving our policies and environmental management systems.

Printcare has established a Green Team to consolidate and enhance management of environmental remediation activities. The Green team consists of members with varying and complementary set of competencies and reports directly to the Group Executive Committee. The Green Team is committed to the application of strategies intended to help prevent, contain, and mitigate environmental risks as a result of the Group's operation.

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