Our History


In the early 80's the Sri Lankan tea industry began to see the merits of transferring value to the tea it produced by shipping tea out of the country in a pre packaged form. However, the concept of shipping fully packaged tea ready to get on to supermarket shelves was very different to sending tea in tea chests.


Pre packaged teas needed the industry to be equipped with expensive tea bag machines and the machines itself needed very precise and exacting packaging. It was not just the machines; putting tea packs directly on to the shelves also meant that the visual appearance had to be attractive and such packs needed to compete with the best that sophisticated markets had to offer. It was about this time that Printcare's founders, Merrill J Fernando and K R Ravindran started their new venture together. One was passionate about his tea and the other knew all about putting ink on paper.

Printcare started in a small warehouse not far from its present location, servicing the nascent tea bag market. Printcare was a pioneer in developing packaging for the tea bag industry in Sri Lanka and the developing world. Printcare became an integral part of the tea bag industry. Its own markets grew beyond the country's shores to other tea companies who began to appreciate Printcare's dedication for supreme quality and exceptional service.

The company in turn began to expand its skills by investing in newer technologies and human skills to offer its clientele a more varied choice, more improved and innovative products. It geared itself to handle all types of tea bag machines. It understood the product as well as its customers did. It became the number one producer of tea bag tags and sachets in the world. Printcare does not benchmark itself against other companies. Printcare is the benchmark for most others.

In time, Printcare moved into other niche packaging and pre-media growth markets - Cartons for its high-end customers, labelling for beverages, manufacturing value added greeting cards, variable printing for the specialised security printing applications such as phone cards and lottery tickets, digital content creation and management etc. Each time Printcare entered new markets it used the same successful formula of partnering with like minded customers with a passion for quality.

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