Opportunities and Challenges


Taking risks, facing challenges and identifying opportunities is an inherent part of entrepreneurial behaviour. Sustainability risks and opportunities are identified using our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework, and by considering issues raised by our key stakeholders and international benchmarks for sustainable performance. Our team then explores options, designs strategies and implements solutions. These solutions are then built into our strategic planning and operating plan processes to ensure continuous execution.

Managing challenges and opportunities forms an integral part of business management and are essential to the sustainability and growth of the business and safeguarding the Shareholder’s investment and Customer service.

some of the key challenges and opportunities that have been identified are shown below and are published annually in order to give stakeholders an insight into the risks the company faces and the mitigating actions that are in place as contingency. The described risk factors below are not in order of significance or expected adverse impact.

  • Challenge: To successfully integrate acquired businesses to achieve our stated goals
    Opportunity: Sharing and leveraging best practices of acquired businesses across the integrated Company.

  • Challenge: Regulatory and stakeholder expectations for operations with low environmental impact
    Opportunity: We are reducing the environmental impacts of our manufacturing processes and products to create new areas of competitive advantage and reduce costs.

  • Challenge: Occupational health and safety
    Opportunity: To become internationally recognised for our safe work practices and to share our expertise with our suppliers and customers to help them achieve their own health and safety goals.

  • Challenge: Talent management
    Opportunity: Employee engagement and recognition as employer of choice, allowing us to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Challenge: Community support for our operations our social licence to operate
    Opportunity: To build effective partnerships and seek constructive dialogue with the communities in which we operate.

  • Challenge: Changing consumer tastes towards sustainable packaging products
    Opportunity: To become a leader in sustainable packaging, creating new areas of competitive advantage through supply chain partnerships and product life cycle assessments.

  • Challenge: Volatile Exchange and Interest rates
    Opportunity: Continuously improve our rate forecasting abilities and maintain constant communication with institutions that can advise us in advance of potentially harmful movements.

  • Challenge: The introduction of new regulations or the amendments to existing regulations by the government locally and/or internationally which may be adverse to business and complexity in complying with all regulatory requirements.
    Opportunity: Conduct compliance review at group and business levels quarterly to ensure that all business units adhere to legal and statutory requirements.

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