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Printcare’s greatest strength is the quality and diversity of our employees. Our people are at the core of our ability to continuously deliver innovative solutions to our customers and create value for our shareholders. We strive to create a work environment that is safe, ethical and rewarding for each of our approximately 650 employees. Our focus is on creating and maintaining a workplace that attracts, motivates and retains the best people for our business.

Our commitment to high ethical standards is implemented through our policies and practices in every aspect of our business and at all our plants. Printcare is a strong believer in human rights, labor standards, the environmentally friendly practices and anti-corruption. We ensure long-term sustainable performance through our performance management systems, which include goal setting, performance evaluations, and career development plans as a result of which every employee at Printcare receives a fair semi-annual evaluation and progression as appropriate.

To retain and attract the most talented people, we provide employees with numerous opportunities and tools for progression, development and interaction, which we hope will help them excel in their respective avenues of value addition to the organization, and the personal development and satisfaction of the employees through open dialogues and career development goal setting. Our employment practices are governed by the applicable laws and regulations of the country, our inherent commitment to fair and equal employment practices, and an overall organizational practice that does not tolerate harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

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